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Celebrating 50+ Years

Lokahi Pacific is an independent, private non-profit housing and community development organization chartered under the laws of the State of Hawaii and incorporated in 1971.


Our Logo is a symbol of our mission, which is to improve the quality of life, both economically and socially, of residents of the County of Maui and other rural Hawaii communities.

With goal-oriented vision and broad collaboration, Lokahi Pacific develops sensible and successful projects that enrich the economic climate of the county, increase the inventory of affordable and special needs housing and insures that residents participate in that enrichment and share in its benefits.


Lokahi Pacific is guided by a volunteer board of directors and administered by an Executive Director and support staff. With decades of service to Maui County's communities, Lokahi Pacific has developed effective management systems and boasts a successful track record of administering public and private funds.


Maui artist Al Lagunero designed this logo in the mid-1970s. It likens Lokahi Pacific's mission to a volcano. As the volcano creates new land it establishes life for the future. Lokahi Pacific creates new ideas and opportunities to improve our community today and tomorrow.

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