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Hale O Mana'o Lana Hou I & II
Chronically Mentally Ill Housing

Hale O Mana'o Lana Hou is intended as a long-term residence for chronically mentally ill persons which will contribute to the maintenance or improvement of their ability to live independently and productively in the community. Residents must be able to provide for their daily needs such as cooking, cleaning and self-care. They are encouraged to view their apartments as their homes and their stay has no predetermined duration.

Admissions Policy

To be accepted as a resident of Hale O Mana'o Lana Hou I & II, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be an adult (18 years and older) of any age, sex or ethnicity.

  2. Be described as chronically mentally ill whose condition could be maintained or improved by more suitable housing conditions; or be someone with a psychiatric history who is at risk of deteriorating due to present conditions.

  3. Be highly motivated to live in the facility, comply with house rules and policies, make a commitment to move forward in personal growth, and refrain from drug and alcohol abuse.

  4. Be currently engaged in a case management program.

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